زبان انگلیسی

اسلنگ چیست؟ ۱۰۰ اسلنگ رایج در زبان انگلیسی

زبان انگلیسی پر از اسلنگ است، واژه‌ها و عبارت‌های کاربردی در مکالمه‌های روزمره که فقط گویش‌ور بومی متوجه آن می‌شود. هر چه تعداد اسلنگ‌هایی که یاد می‌گیرید بیشتر باشد، انگلیسی را بهتر صحبت خواهید کرد. در این مطلب، 100 اسلنگ رایج در زبان انگلیسی را معرفی خواهیم کرد. با ما همراه باشید!
صد اسلنگ رایج در زبان انگلیسی
در زبان انگلیسی، اسلنگ‌های بسیار زیادی وجود دارد. اگر آن‌ها را یاد بگیرید و در مکالمه‌های‌تان به کار بگیرید، می‌توانید مانند یک گویش‌ور انگلیسی زبان صحبت کنید. در ادامه، صد اسلنگ را به همراه مثال برای‌تان خواهیم گفت.

Airhead: احمق
My aunt is such an airhead; she forgot to turn the oven on and cook dinner.
Antsy: بی‌طاقت
The students were antsy before the math test.
Babe: زن زیبا و جوان
The convertible driven by the babe was headed to the beach.
‍Beat: خسته
It was a busy week and the employees were beat.
‍Blab: پرحرفی
The salesclerk liked to blab to her customers and she didn’t get too much work done.
Blast: یک تجربۀ عالی، اوقاتی لذت‌بخش
My family’s trip to Disney World was a blast!
‍Bling: جواهر آلات پر زرق و بر
The lady loved to show off her bling at the dance.
Bloody: خیلی، واقعاً، کاملاً
Everyone said he party was a bloody good time.
‍Blow: هدر دادن پول یا فرصت
I hope he doesn’t blow his chances to get that job.
Cabbie: راننده تاکسی
The cabbie was familiar with the city.
Cheesy: بی‌کیفیت
The restaurant was quite cheesy; they had paper napkins and plastic plates.
Chicken (out): بزدلانه
The skier chickened out of the slalom event.
‍Cold fish: شخص غیراجتماعی و سرد
Mrs. Jones was such a cold fish that she never joined in any of the neighborhood gatherings.
Con: گول زدن
The con artist talked the people into investing into some property overseas that really did not exist.
Cop: پلیس
The cop pulled over the speeding truck driver and gave him a ticket.
Cop out: انجام ندادن کاری به دلیل ترس از شکست
It was a cop out for John to change his mind about the parachute jump.
Couch potato: کسی که تلویزیون زیاد تماشا می‌کند.
It seems that there are more and more young people who choose to be couch potatoes today rather than to get fresh air and exercise.
Cranky: تندخو، کج‌خلق
My mother is very cranky in the mornings and she is just not a positive person.
Crash: خوابیدن
After working the night shift, the nurse just needed to crash.
Da bomb: عالی
The new Chinese restaurant is da bomb; you should taste their rice dishes.
Dicey: خطرناک
It was dicey to walk by yourself through the park late at night.
Diss: بی‌احترامی کردن
It is never a kind thing to diss your parents.
Ditch: تمام کردن رابطه
My aunt’s boyfriend ditched her right before the important social event.
Dope: احمق
It was obvious to most people that _ was a dope when it came to calculus.
Downer: عامل استرس‌زا
It was a downer to have to have my wisdom teeth pulled on my birthday.
Eye-popping: حیرت‌انگیز
The New York Times had an eye-popping article this morning.
Bazillion: بی‌شمار
We gets a bazillion followers everyday on Facebook fan page.
Croak: مردن
She married a millionaire just about to croak.
Neat: عالی
Your house is always so neat – how do you manage it with three children?
Bitch: شایعه
Whenever the girls get together, they always find something to bitch about.
Bonkers: دیوانه
The man must be bonkers to take such a risk.
Bummed: غمگین یا ناامید
I was really bummed out that there were no tickets left.
Deep pockets: پول داشتن
They’re looking for someone with deep pockets to pay for the research.
Eyeball: نگاه کردن به
Challenge him, eyeball him, intimidate him.
Idiot box
Phil has been staring at the idiot box all afternoon.
Icky: ناخوشایند و آزاردهنده
What is this icky old stuff?
Jam: مشکل
How are we going to get ourselves out of this jam?
Ditch: ترک کردن، رها کردن
Let’s ditch school today.
Flicks: فیلم
What’s on at the flicks this week?
Freebie: رایگان
All the journalists were given a freebie lunch.
Gig: شغل
I had got totally pissed and had to do a gig that night.
Guts: شجاعت
Barbara hasn’t got the guts to leave her mother.

Grand: هزار دلار
He lives in a grand house.
Glitch: نقص یا مشکل
This minor glitch has turned into a big problem for the airline.
Junkie: معتاد
His son was a junkie, the kid OD’d a year ago.
Peanuts: پول ناچیز
He gets paid peanuts for doing that job.
Rocking: عالی
He had a rocking performance!
Shades: عینک دودی
She was dressed in muted shades of blue.
Oddball: شخص عجیب و غریب
The new boss is a bit of an oddball.
Zero: شخص بی‌ارزش و بی‌اهمیت
He is a zero in his family.
Beemer: خودروی بی ام دبلیو
He’s got a new beemer, what a rich man!
Raw: خام و بی‌تجربه
Raw meat must be kept separate from cooked meat.
Whiz: استعداد چیزی را داشتن
Apparently, he is a whiz at thank – you notes!
Wheels: اتومبیل
I’ve got a new wheels on my birthday.
‍In: شیک، طبق مد روز
The models knew all of the “in” fashions.
Icky: بدرنگ یا بدمزه
We went to a new seafood restaurant and the meal was icky. It must have been the fish I ordered.
‍Hyper: بیش‌فعال
The young child seemed hyper on his birthday when he saw all of the wrapped presents.
‍Hunky-dory: خوب
The English class was hunky-dory. The teacher was great. The lessons were fun. And I was learning a lot!
Hunk: مردی جذاب با بدنی قوی
The lifeguard was such a hunk and all of the girls liked to stand around him by the beach.
‍Hoops: بازی بسکتبال
The Company organized a basketball team and at lunch time, some of the workers played a short game of hoops.

Hassle: آزار دادن
It was such a hassle to get everyone’s signature on the card when many of them were out of town.
Hare-brained: احمق
It was a hare-brained idea to play soccer before running the marathon. Running the marathon would have been enough.
‍Hairy: خطرناک
The airplane trip during the turbulent weather was very hairy for the pilot and crew. And it was hairy for the passengers, too.
‍Gutted: خیلی عصبانی
The houses on the street were gutted from the tornado.
Grub: غذا
The campers wanted to know what grub would be served around the campfire.
‍Goose: شخص احمق
I couldn’t believe that she wore two different colored socks to school; what a goose!
Goofy: احمق
The clown acted so goofy around the children at the parade.
‍Geezer: شخص مُسن
The geezer still would not give up his job and spent every day at the garage fixing cars.
Gear: تجهیزات، پوشاک
The scuba diver packed his gear for the diving trip.
Garbage: بی‌کیفیت
The items in the discount furniture store looked like garbage so the lady went to a more up-scale store.
‍Flick: فیلم
There was a popular flick playing at the cinema this weekend.
‍Flab: چربی بدن
The nurse measure the body fat of all of the patients and then worked to outline a special healthy diet.
Fib: دروغ کوچک و بی‌اهمیت
Even though a fib is a lie, many people choose to tell fibs to get out of trouble.
‍El cheapo: بسیار ارزان
The hotel looked el cheapo with its run-down carpeting and worn-out bedding.
Eating: آزاردهنده
The relationship was eating away at mother so she decided to go to counseling.
Easy street: امنیت مالی
Mr. Jones was the President of the company so his sons had it on easy street.
‍Diss: بی‌احترامی
It is never a kind thing to diss your parents.
‍Da bomb: عالی
The new Chinese restaurant is da bomb; you should taste their rice dishes.
Lemon: خرید بد
That phone case was a lemon.
Bail: ترک ناگهانی
I’m sorry I had to bail last night.
Pig out: زیاد خوردن
I pigged out last night at McDonald’s.
Hang out: وقت گذراندن با دیگران
Want to hang out with us?
Getting hitched: ازدواج کردن
Tom and Sally are getting hitched.
Whiz: شخص باهوش
Sally is a whiz at math.
Party animal: دوستدار مهمانی
One who loves parties. Eg. “Jerry is a party animal.
: Dump: تمام کردن رابطه عاطفی
She dumped him last May.
Shotgun: صندلی جلوی خودرو
Can I sit shotgun?
In no time: خیلی زود
We’ll have our homework done in no time.
Buck: یک دلار
It only costs a buck.
Cram: مطالعۀ سخت قبل از امتحان
Sorry I can’t go out. I have to cram tonight.
Screw up: اشتباه کردن
Sorry I screwed up and forgot our plans.
Score: به دست آوردن چیز مطلوب
I scored the best seats in the stadium!
Booze: الکل
Will they have booze at the party?
A blast: اوقات خوش
Last night was a blast!
Brick: خیلی سرد
Wait, don’t forget to take your coat! It’s brick outside.
Break a Leg: آرزوی خوب برای دیگران
Today’s my first time performing in front of a live audience!
My Bad: عبارتی برای ابراز تأسف
Oh, my bad. Here, take my napkin.
To Wrap Up: تمام کردن چیزی
Okay. We’re going to wrap up our study session in a few minutes.
To Hang On: یک لحظه صبر کن
Hang on, I just need to save my game!
Epic fail: شکست
“Wow, the school basketball team lost the game by 30 points.”
“Yeah, epic fail!”
سخن آخر
تا به این‌جا، صد اسلنگ انگلیسی را به همراه معنا یاد گرفتید و کاربردشان را نیز در جمله مشاهده کردید. با یادگیری اسلنگ‌ها، می‌توانید مثل یک انگلیسی زبان صحبت کنید.

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